Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Windows Live Mail Beta - How to make it work

Today i downloaded WLM Beta and had to spend hours to get it working,nor could i find much help after searching on Google, Yahoo, and Live search.


This post could help you if you receive similar errors after installing WLM.

If you get a message that you require to be connected to the Internet while first running WLM Beta and after clicking OK you get an error message that msmail.dll could not be initialized and maybe the software was not installed correctly try the following procedure.

While you may skip certain procedure(s) and even try some permutations as i myself cant say for sure that a certain order will only work or even what worked for me will do for you so be creative !

After you got those messages restart you computer and try again after connecting to the Internet - not working - set Windows Live Mail as your default E-mail client - not working - open control panel - add remove programs - look for Windows Live Mail click on change and follow the wizard to repair the installation, a successful repair will request you to restart your computer, do so - not working - run regedit now move down the following branches : My computer\HKEY-CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail,  in the right pane double click on First Run Done and change the value from 0 to 1, this should solve the problem.


I don't know what it does during first run but it must not be that important, if you have used IE7 you may remember that it opens up a window so you can set the phishing filter, default search engine, basic settings that you can change later. 

You shouldn't mind skipping "first run" as i did if other methods mentioned here or on the Internet fail.

0x80048883, msmail.dll

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