Thursday, October 28, 2010

VMware Tools for Windows Guests (8.4.4) ISO

VMware is yet make the updated vmware tools available in the package repository at 

Use the following link to get the vmware tools tar package for windows,

7-zip is required for the method described here, get it at I am using the 9.17 beta release)

Use 7-zip to extract tools-windows-8.4.4.exe from tools-windows-8.4.4.exe.tar
Now open Windows Command Processor ( cmd ) , I have the above mentioned file on the D drive so I have to use the following command,

cd /d D:

( cd /d <drive having the tools-windows-8.4.4.exe file>: )

Change the working directory to the one holding the tools-windows-8.4.4.exe file using cd command.

create a folder named tools and at the command prompt type:

 tools-windows-8.4.4.exe /e <path to folder "tools">

Open the folder tools you created earlier, you will find a file named tools-windows.msi, right click on it and select 7-zip to extract the contents which includes the windows.iso file that you require to install the tools package in your windows guest(s). 

Update(8Nov2010): Visit or join to find answers  or post new questions regarding vmware products.

Update(3Aug2011): Visit:
To find links for the tools download yourself  at least until VMware makes changes to the folder structure.
To get the ISO follow the instructions and look inside the Program Files to get them if you must!


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