Wednesday, December 29, 2010

VirtualBox: Installing Windows XP on SCSI Hard Disk

It’s something I had tried unsuccessfully in the past,and with the release of version 4.0 decided it was time to make it work. I am still not able to install Windows XP (SP3) on SATA hard disk, so here you will find all you need to install XP on virtual SCSI (Lsilogic) hard disk.

The driver(s) and the tools except Oracle VM VirtualBox is available at the following link: 

You can also download the packages from their respective official sites (preferable).

1.First you need the SCSI driver for F6 install, I used Device Doctor to find the right one, you can download the driver from the previously mentioned link. Look for a file name starting with “LSI_SAS_MPT_Windows..”.

2. Now to create a virtual floppy disc get VFD at: . I have uploaded the floppy image I created to install 32-bit Windows XP SP3 ( xp_x86_lsi.vfd).

You will also find an appliance (XP_SP3.ova) without any attached hard drive to get you started quickly.

The trouble you have to go through to do this is the reason I prefer to use VMware Player but VirtualBox having a Open Source version is good enough reason to make things work and write this post. As far as the SATA installation is concerned I am not trying any time soon.

Device Doctor available at:

Use all this information and the files I have uploaded at your own risk, no liability.