Sunday, March 4, 2007

How to: Yahoo! Messenger 8 Full Installer Download

If you want to download Yahoo! Messenger using a download manager use the following link(s),
US :

For other regional version's replace the ** in the link below to the country you prefer,**/ymsgr8**.exe

This method is helpful to those on a slow internet connection such as mine!

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  1. I found this when I was googling "ymsgr8in.exe". I had earlier figured out the same URL for direct download. This is a much better way of installing YIM, rather than the conventional way.

    The problem with the conventional method is that it first downloads a ~400KB temp installer. This then takes over the actual process of downloading the 9.97 MB installer.(ymsgr8in.exe)
    The temporary installer also deletes the 9.97 MB file once installation is complete, so that you have seemingly no way to store the installer in case you need to re-install in future! (Unless you locate and copy the file the moment it finishes downloading. ;-) )
    Good job, in any case !