Friday, March 2, 2007

Installing BSNL'S LG LSP 340E as Modem

Hi, i decided to write this help after receiving repeated request to install BSNL's CDMA fixed wireless telephone (LG LSP-340E) as dial-up modem .

Connect the phone to the serial port of your PC with the serial cable provided by BSNL. Open Control Panel in Windows xp select Phone and Modem Options then select Modems now click the ADD button at the bottom, Add Hardware Wizard will be initialized and on the window that appears mark Don't detect my modem; i will select it from a list and click Next, from the Standard Modem Types select Standard 19200 bps modem and click the next button and select COM1 as the port to install the modem click next and a window will appear informing that the modem was successfully installed. Return to control panel to select network connections , on the left panel select create a new connection and follow the instruction to get started on the Internet by filling in information provided by your Internet service provider, or use the CD provided by your ISP.
If you are using Netone or Sancharnet account download and install Netone dialer .

Read this faq :

BSNL has been upgrading the CDMA network and hence the above information may not be useful to those who are on a network that supports 144 kbps connection. Please contact BSNL regarding the same.

Good luck,
ajay kumar

The author is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by the use of any procedure(s) published here to alter any setting(s) or equipment.

-Tested on Windows xp professional sp2 release

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